Skin Rashes

There are many different causes for skin rashes. Some are the result of a disease, and are resistant to a cure, others might be transitory, caused by the use, or over use, of a certain product. Laundry detergent and soap are often culprits, as are allergies to foods or plants. Whatever the causes of your rash, the resulting dry skin, skin rash, and burning itching skin are never pleasant and will need treatment, such as Skin Replenish, to cool red skin rashes, clam burning skin, sooth itchy skin, and help fade discolored skin.

Skin Rashes: A ticklish and itchy problem

Anyone who has had a recurring rash on the skin knows that it is more than just a pain, it can put a real crimp in your everyday life, to say nothing of a having a social life. If you have a blotchy skin rash, one that you may be able to cover (with a soft cloth) that one thing, but if you suffer from face skin rashes, breaking out at odd and uncertain times, it can put a large crimp into any social life you may try to have. A rash from dry skin can cause itching an problems wear some different materials and clothing.

Types of skin rashes:

Before trying to self treat a skin rash, you should first visit a skin dermatologist or a medical professional for a skin rash identification. First, figure out what you're dealing with and what might be done to help it, before using any product against your skin. Who knows, the very thing you maybe spreading on your skin for the itching skin rash might be one of the things causing the problem. Also, make a list of anything new that you've started doing before the rash appeared: foods, clothes, products you've started using, new places you've visited, any pets that you may have and any new products you might be using for them. This will help you and a medical professional determine what might be causing your rash.

Here is a list of skin rashes and symptoms you should look for:

  • Skin rash arms: This can be helped by Skin Replenish. A small amount, used over time, should be of help. If the rash last longer than a few days, even after applying Skin replenish, please consult a medical professional.
  • Skin rash from sun: Do not treat with butter. That's a old wives remedy and capable of doing more harm than good. For the skin heat rash, use ice to cool the redness, take yourself out of the sun, and apply Skin Replenish or a cool, soothing cream. To prevent future burn, use sun screen.
  • Skin rash hands: This can be a bigger problem than rashes on other parts of the body, as you use your hands constantly during the day. A skin rash on the hands is usually a sign that you've been in contact with a plant like poison ivy, or a substance that you're been allergic to. Usually a soothing and healing cream like Skin Replenish will help. If the rash persists, you should consult a medical professional.
  • Skin rash on arm: Sometimes caused by something as simple a a new fabric, soap or moisturizer, it can also be a sign of something more serious. If after applying Skin Replenish the rash does not subside, your should consult a medical professional.
  • Skin rash on face: A skin rash on the rash, unlike a body skin rash, can be the most troublesome for treatments, as it would probably require you to apply crams or ointment to the face, to possibly bandage your head, or to stay out of the sun. Al of these can put a crimp on your work and social life.
  • Genital rash: A rash on the genital skin can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. A genital skin rash can be the result of heat, new material being placed against the skin (new underwear, etc) new lotions or lubricants, or, at the worst, a disease. You should consult a medical professional if you have a genital rash.
  • Round rash on skin: This can be caused by many factors, including a ringworm infestation. If after applying Skin Replenish the rash persists, then you should consult a medical professional.
  • Diabetic skin rash: Diabetes can cause a thickening of the arteries in some patients, cutting off blood supply to limbs and especially feet, leaving those areas vulnerable to rashes and other problems.
  • Rash under skin: While some people may think they have a rash under the skin, what they will usually have is an infection the skin, causing redness and itching. For infections, you should consult a medical professional.

Symptoms of skin rash:

There are several signs and symptoms of skin rash, many specific to the type of rash you may have. Here are a few of the general symptom of skin rash to watch out for:

  • Burning itchy skin
  • Red skin
  • Dry and scaly skin
  • Yellow skin, or yellow tinted skin
  • Cracked skin

Photos of skin rashes

Below we've put several pics of skin rashes, not to be a shock to people, but to help better identify the different rashes a person my suffer. We have found that nothing helps illustrate skin rashes better than pictures of skin rashes, as a description of a rash might contain needed details, pictures of that rash will help even more.

Kids skin rash

We find that kids skin rashes, and especially the newborn skin rash, are some of the worst. While adults have developed a certain way to deal with pain, kids have not, and often will not understand what is happening to them. Here are some common skin rashes that kids might suffer.

Skin rash on baby

A skin rash in babies will often develop as a reaction to heat, to new and different materials, food, or diapers. Usually these rashes are easily treatable and pose no threat, beyond discomfort for the child. A skin rash on buttocks (also known as diaper rash) is the most common, but a skin rash on back or a skin rash on chest as also been known to appear due to heat or chaffing. Most baby skin rashes will not require medical treatment, but you should see a doctor if it persists or if the child appears to be in great discomfort.

Cradle Cap:

Thick yellow crusty patches appear on the scalp. This is most common in newborns and will usually clear up after about six months.

Diaper Rash:

A rash of bright red skin on the baby's buttocks will usually be diaper rash. This is usually caused by prolonged contact with feces or urine.

Common skin rashes with accomanying pictures of the rash:
  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Christmas Tree Rash (pityriasis rosea):

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